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I have tried for several months to get this company to refund my money. They violated me by going into my business checking account and literally stealing my money ($359.40). They are *** artist and should be reported to federal officials.

This type of treatment has been going on for years from them. I have vowed that I will work to put a stop to their evil and wicked business practices

Do not, please do not do business with these people. I beg of you. If you have money to just give away, do it with a charity that helps people. Not with these scoundrels.

Monetary Loss: $359.

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Please disregard this post. I am the author of said post and I was furious with a company that had taken our funds unbeknownst to us.

As you can very well see, I am not very computer savvy.

If there is a way to remove this; it should definitely be removed.

Thank you,

P.S. The company finally refunded our monies.


Me and My Nanna, LLC

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